Automated Phoropter

Our office is committed to offering each of our patients the finest in eye care. This includes the latest technology to diagnose your vision. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to achieve the most accurate prescriptions to help you see your best.

In our office, we use the innovative TRS-5100 Digital Refraction System by Marco. The TRS uses advanced computer and infrared technologies to help us better evaluate your unique visual needs.

The TRS also allows us to perform additional tests and to compare your old and new prescriptions immediately. You will notice that it’s easier for you to tell us, “Which is better – 1 or 2?” The TRS makes you a partner – to verify the decision of which Rx is best for you. In fact, the entire exam procedure will be faster and more comfortable for you.

Only the most technologically-advanced offices offer this sophisticated system. Our entire staff understands our obligation to offer the best available care to our patients. Our job is to make your vision as close to perfect as we can, and the Total Refraction System by Marco helps us do the job.

Marco automated technologies communicate with each other through ‘Marco Connect’ SW and/or Smart card data transfer. Combined diagnostic exam data is then seamlessly integrated to all leading EMR systems.